Michael Solomon Pavilion Reservation Calendar
Maintained by: Pam Byrd (937)235-2704


Miami Valley Dance Council Dance Schedule Calendar

Email calendar information to: MiamiValleyDanceCouncil@gmail.com
and include the word Calendar in the email subject line.


The Following Dance Information is Required:

Location (facility name & address)
Dance leader's name(s)
Contact person's name, email & phone
     You may have more than one contact person
High / Low


Each club's calendar will stop with the last date provided.

A club may provide multi-year calendar information.

You will be contacted after the club's information has been added to the calendar and asked to check it.

The calendar information must be submitted
in the body of an email,
in a Word document file (.doc) or
in a text file (.txt).
It must be a file format that can be copied and pasted.