Friendship  Badge

This award program is run by the Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs, of which MVDC is a member.  As such, dancers who are members of MVDC clubs are eligible to participate. 

Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs Friendship Badge Rules

Rule 1.    Dancers will earn the Friendship Badge by attending a club dance in each of the eight Ohio areas listed with the option of substituting one dance under Rule #2.

Rule 2.    Attendance at a State Convention or a State Fair Day dance may be substituted for one area.  Only one substitution is allowed.

Rule 3.    Clubs visited must be members of their area federation/council.

Rule 4.    To receive credit for your own area you must dance at a club you are NOT a member of or are NOT raiding.

Rule 5.    An officer of the club or convention or State Fair Day dance must sign your form AT THE DANCE.

Rule 6.    The form is not transferable.

Friendship Badges will be ordered twice a year:  March 31 and Sept. 30.  Qualifying forms should be sent no later than one week before these dates.  Make your check to Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs, $6.00 per badge, and send with the form to David Edwards, 1432 Chancellor Dr., Lima Oh 45807.  Badges will be mailed to your home. As people change jobs over time, please make sure David & Betty Edwards (419 224-4910) are still handling the badges before you mail your from and check.
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