2018 Club Schedules

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(1) Squares

2018 Cardinal Sqs Revised (PDF)
2018 Clinton County Country Squares (PDF)
2018 Concord Cloverleaf Squares (PDF)
2018 Country Cousins (PDF)
2018 Curli Q’s Squares & Rounds (PDF)
2018 Double H Squares Schedule (PDF)
2018 Gem City Squares Schedule (PDF)
2018 Grand Squares (PDF)
2018 High Point See Saws (PDF)
2018 Hoosier Corners (PDF)
2018 Kitty Hawks (PDF)
2018 Swinging 8s (PDF)
2018 Whirlaways (PDF)
2018 Yellow Rockers (PDF)

(2) Scottish:

Flying Ghillies Scottish County Dancer Informational Flyer (PDF)

(3) Folk:

Miami Valley Folk Dancers Informational Flier (PDF)

(4) Contra

2017 – 2018 Dayton Contra Dance Party (PDF)

(5) Ballroom

2018 ’76 Dance Club Spring and Summer Season (PDF)
2018 La Soiree Dinner Dance Club (PDF)
2018 Stardust (PDF)