Welcome to the MVDC!

welcomeCome One, Come All!
Welcome to the fresh look of the Miami Valley Dance Council website!
Our web address is still the same as our predecessor, miamivalleydancecouncil.org.
Hungry to learn what venues of dance that are offered in the greater Dayton area?
Take a bite of the 30 different clubs that the Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to showcase on their menu of dancing delights – miamivalleydancecouncil.org/clubs!
These clubs include a sampling of square, round, folk, Scottish, contra and ballroom dancing.
The head “waiters” or members of the Council can be found at miamivalleydancecouncil.org/council and at miamivalleydancecouncil.org/ms-support-committee/ for the Michal Solomon Pavilion Support Committee.
Tantalize your mind and eyes with our two scrumptious calendars that will feed your inner dancing child:
(1) One has the schedule for the actual Michael Solomon Pavilion – miamivalleydancecouncil.org/mspavilion-calendar/
(2) The second has the schedule for when all the 30 clubs dance:
There is so much to explore and learn about dancing in the Miami Valley Dance Council, that we hope you will be fed with so much love and happiness that you will come back for seconds, thirds, fourths and even more!


Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing as our club does.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the MVDC!

  1. Thank you for this beautiful website! Your menu is scrumptious! Best place to go for all our dance cravings! Full to the brim, Suzanne

  2. Hi, how is our Prez today? Thinking of you! Raining outside, sunny on the inside! I hope folks are discovering your blog here and let you know! What an awesome venue! I also love to look at your fun photos on the CCCS website. Thanks you for the amazing new site and all the club sites! See you at a dance soon! You are loved! Suzanne

    1. Hi, Ms. Suzanne! I am doing well. I was so happy to see a glimpse of the sunshine today! What a kind message that you sent! Thank you. It is all a labor of love. I am glad to hear that you like all the goofy pics that I post and hopefully they add a bit of laughter to that beautiful smile of yours!! You are so much loved too!! Thanks for being my pal. Colleen Germann

      1. We danced to Eddie Powell 2nite in Springfield. He was zippin’ fast! Have you ever gone the wrong way and come within 1 inch of plowing into someone face to face? Wes called with Eddie, Long Black Train! Amazing deep voice! Born to be a caller! (Sharon, does he sing to you?) Then Ray joined in, really special. The fans were on, but it still was blazin’ hot. The next time someone comments I am sweating I will just smile and say thank you, Ha! Well, I missed you 2nite, girl, and all the girls. See you soon! Suzanne

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