We Can’t Get Enough Of Tom Davis!!

We all had the privilege this afternoon, Sunday, April 22, 2018, to attend the 40th Calling Anniversary Party for Tom Davis at the Michael Solomon Pavilion. This jubilee was lovingly put on by Tom’s wife, Bernice, family, friends and sponsored by Kitty Hawks Squares. From one end of the Pavilion to the other, there was an endless sea of dancers, callers, friends and family, who came from all directions, to share their congratulations and appreciation for Tom Davis’ gift of beautiful calling for 40 solid years. Tom was joined by the masters – Nick Hartley, Darrin Henry, Jason Raleigh, Travis Cook, Kristy Williams, Teresa Burger, Amanda Skidmore, Mark Patterson, Gary Hutton, Nathaniel Arnett and Wesley Fenner who all shared Tom Davis antecdotes, memories and laughs. The squares were a constant rush of pure adrenaline and foot stomping bliss. The round dancers were twirling, waltzing and light of foot being cued by Elaine Wintrow. No one left hungry with the beautiful cake, cupcakes and the stock piled food line. Tom summed up the afternoon, “Square dancing is more than squaring, it is a community, a family that sticks around no matter what. We are all so truly blessed.” We can’t get enough of Tom Davis!! Here is looking forward to another 40 + years of his great gift of calling!!


Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing as our club does.

8 thoughts on “We Can’t Get Enough Of Tom Davis!!

  1. Wow, you captured the day just perfectly….thank you, Colleen! My favorite part was getting to dance with folks from places all over… more new folks, interesting, loving people, with their own varied, colorful stories and dancing styles! The bond was amazing! It was a fantastic slice of American Square Dance Pie! If you are reading this…would you drop a line here? It would be a cyberspace Yellow Rock! Suzanne

  2. …more clearly, my favorite thing was dancing with all these new folks alongside with all our loved and bonded square dance family at MSP 🙂
    That was the gift! Hugs, Suzanne

  3. This past Sunday (4/22) my Family & Close Friends organized one of largest parties that I have been a part of to celebrate my 40 years of calling square dances. WOW! WOW! I am at such a loss for words! I am HUMBLED, BLESSED and in AWE of the turn out of FRIENDS & FAMILY! Over 300 people signed in and participated in GREAT afternoon of Square Dancing, Socializing and (doing what we do BEST) EATING. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! That is all I can say! Your support over the past 40 years has been appreciated so much! What a statement of what Square Dance and Family have in common.

    A Special Thank You to the following, because without these people the day would have never happened:
    -Bernice (my Wonderful Wife)
    -Madison (Step-Daughter)
    -Chris, Jaime and Morgan Green (Son-in-Law, Daughter,
    Granddaughter) Decorations
    -Mark, Stephanie & Stella Myers (Very Close Friends)–
    -Matt & Brenda Howard (Very Close Friends)–All Other Food
    -Nick & Dee Hartley — Darrin & Tammy Henry — Travis, Thomas
    & Dorothy Cook
    -Elaine Wintrow
    -Kittyhawks Square Dance Club (Support & Sponser)

    Thank you to everyone again for your Cards, Thoughts, Freindship, Support and Love you have given me over the years. I hope and pray there are many more years to come. My success depends on your Happiness and your Happiness gives great Joy!!!



    1. Hi, Suzanne. I will give you a cyberspace Yellar Rock anytime! I really love to be in your square. You are always smiling, full of energy and laughter. That afternoon was total bliss and I can not wait to see you and everyone at the Ohioar State Convention!

    2. Wow, Mr. Tom! You just gave us wonderful word picture from your right-there-in-the-middle-of-it viewpoint! We can keep that with us foreverrr! Thank you! A million Yellow Rocks, Suzanne

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