Kitties & Crinolines

Suzanne Gray is a member of Cardinal Squares, Springfield, OH.  On Sunday, April 29th, Cardinal Squares raided the Curli Q’s Squares & Rounds Special Dance with Nick Hartley and Elaine Wintrow at the Pavilion.  In addition to the awesome dance, Curli Q’s hosted a recycle sale.  Suzanne brought a multi-colored crinoline home and placed it on her table in the hallway.   Suddenly, out of nowhere, two cat streaks flashed by and pounced upon the sparkly crinoline.  Leila and Tuna, decided to set up residence in this fluffy new make shift bed!  “Ah, this is heavenly!” they purred.  “To bad, Suzanne, we might be here for awhile, you will need to figure out Plan B for Crinolines for the upcoming 58th Ohio Dance Convention – ‘Get Up and Dance!‘ for this weekend!”  So, square dancers, in the future, please allow this blog post to be a reminder “Kitties & Crinolines,” go very well together, but not right before a state convention.  There might a cat fight waging on!



Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing as our club does.

2 thoughts on “Kitties & Crinolines

  1. Ha, ha! My cats are famous now! They love that! Leila (Tabby) wants to make a correction, though….this wildly colored petti is hers. Found online. She didn’t want to share. The first pix her Human sent you belongs to Boobaw (Tuxedo) and is the powder baby blue….bought at the recycle shop. Boobaw hopes to see her photo…no fake news! Yah for recycle sales! So many petti’s….Hugs!

  2. Omg! Do you ever forget the names of your kids? Grandkids? Ha! The tuxedo cat is not Boobaw…..her name is Tuna! Now you know…I have several cats, ha! So…I feel better, ha! Have a happy day! See you all at the Convention!

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