Hey, Kristen

“Hey, Kristen!”
“What, mom?”
“Want to see something awesome?”
“Well it depends, what is it?” Kristen says.
I hand Kristen my celery phone and pull up the pics.
Kristen exclaims, “Holy Crackers! Say no more! This must be the MVDC Student Dance called by Ken Roberts and Jason Raleigh at the MSP on Sunday, Dec. 16th!”
“Mom, was this organized by Fred Organ, MVDC VP?”
“Yes, Kristen, we are blessed to be apart of the MVDC Family that Fred, Ken, and Jason are members of too!”
“Wow. It is great! Thanks for sharing this with me, mom. It brings back fond memories of my student days!”
“You are so welcome. It is awesome to see the students enjoying their time at the MSP!!” Colleen exclaims.
(That is what squaring is all about, and all the forms of dance that MVDC offers!)


Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing as our club does.

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