Sharin’ Mo’ Squarin’ Luv

Did this blog post title catch your eye?

Did it make you think twice?

Asking yourself, does the title actually state, “Sharin’ Mo’ Squarin’ Luv”‘?

What? Please explain this anomaly….

…Well, to keep my chatter to a minimum, it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, if there is anyone who has a concern or need – the dancing community is always there at the drop of a pin.  If the alert is made, no questions are asked.  Everyone stands at attention ready to pitch in and lend a helping hand.  

This again was evident on Sunday, March 17, 2019 at the special dance that was held in honor of Pam Courts at Venus and Mars Square Dance Club in Cincinnati.  The attendance seemed like an open sea that stretched for miles and miles.  All afternoon, the dancers were on a stream line cruise of squares, rounds and lines.  Thanks to Jack and Sherry Pladdys, who planned and executed this event!  Also thanks to Ken Roberts, Travis Cook, Gene Record, Jason Raleigh, Tom and Bernice Davis, Stuart Lewis, Carl and Carol Schnaupper and Barb and Tim Bennett for making it an awesomely fun time!

Ray Owens provided pictures and videos of this special day!

Please click here for the pics! (167 in all!)

Please click here to view the videos!

So, to paraphrase, this dance is a living true example of the joy, luv and compassion that is shared inside of our close knit family – no wonder this article helped you figure out why – we were “Sharin’ Mo’ Squarin’ Luv!”

(I am so proud and honored to be apart of this magic.  Thank you all so much for being like family to me. You are all a true blessing.  I have written this article with a sincere heart.  Much love.  Colleen Germann)



Hi. I am a member of Clinton County Country Squares who wants to share the art and love of square dancing as our club does.

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