Banner Raid Awards

  1. Banner_Raid_Award_Request_Form – Word Document-Fill in Form
  2. Banner_Raid_Award_Request_Form – PDF File

Banner Raid Guidelines

  1. Suggestion is that “new dancer students” get full credit as soon as hi-lo dances begin.
  2. Caller/Cuer belonging to the club raiding cannot get credit because they are in a “paying job” for this dance. If the caller/cuer is at the dance to dance and not call/cue, he/she can get credit for the raid.  Caller/cuer partners who dance can receive credit at discretion of the club.
  3. One banner per club at discretion of the club.
  4. Bring back Friendship badge to encourage dancers to visit other clubs even when their club is not raiding.
  5. Best effort for planned raid/retrieve (call ahead) at discretion of the club.
  6. Out of courtesy to the small clubs in the council – no club should plan more than one raid per timeframe. The club can raid in the afternoon at one club and in the evening at another club but not more than ONE RAID during the same hours of the same day/evening.
  7. Impromptu raids/retrieves will be up to the discretion of the host club. Clubs should out of courtesy contact ONE week in advance the club to be raided/retrieved.  This gives the host club time to plan their refreshments accordingly and have the banners there.
  8. Banner raid chairs should be encouraged and expected to keep concise and current up to date records of raids and retrieves of the members of their club. This is very important when turning in forms to the council for the Honor Raid badge.  If a club folds, the banner raid membership raid copy of records should be given to the MVDC Operations person.
  9. The host club gives out banners or IOUs to every club raiding in one evening.
  10. Each club should advertise to their members that the only badge that can be earned for raiding is the HONOR RAID badge. Only one banner raid credit per each dance attended can be counted by any dancer. Raids or retrieves outside of the MVDCouncil cannot be counted towards the HONOR RAID badge in our MVDCouncil.
  11. Return means that after one year the club holding the banner with notification acknowledged, can return it to the host club and receive free admittance for one square at the host club’s next dance where raids/retrieves are accepted.
  12. Clubs should be encouraged to give priority to retrieving their banners. This aids and assists other clubs financially and socially and preserves the group harmony between dancers and clubs.
  13. Guest fees should be paid by all raiding dancers – even when the dancer belongs to the host clubs as well. The dancer cannot represent more than one club when raiding or retrieving (sometimes a dancer belongs to more than one club that is raiding, SORRY this is a “no, no”. If you are a paid-up member of the host club, you must pay an extra admission to be a member of the raiding party.  Guest fees must be paid by all attending dancers.
  14. Suggestion is that “Ghost or Phantom Dancers” may be allowed to aid clubs in meeting the raid/retrieval requirement of one square. Clubs may allow raiding/retrieving clubs to pay for additional dancers if they are short of the required number of 8.

Important Notes About The Program

  1. Council will recognize each dancer with 100 raids by adding the dancer’s name to the Honor Raiders Plaque. The Honor Raiders Plaque is on display at the Michael Solomon Pavilion.
  2. Council will maintain the Honor Raiders Plaque and pay for the plates that go on that plaque.
  3. Council will pay for Honor Raider badges, except for ones that have been lost starting January 1997.
  4. Representatives of Council clubs will write or change Banner Raid rules.
  5. A Honor Dance will be held once a year to recognize the Council Honor Roll Dancers, all Honor Roll Dancers nominees, and all Honor Raiders (Banner Raid awards).