We Can’t Get Enough Of Tom Davis!!

We all had the privilege this afternoon, Sunday, April 22, 2018, to attend the 40th Calling Anniversary Party for Tom Davis at the Michael Solomon Pavilion. This jubilee was lovingly put on by Tom’s wife, Bernice, family, friends and sponsored by Kitty Hawks Squares. From one end of the Pavilion to the other, there was an endless sea of dancers, callers, friends and family, who came from all directions, to share their congratulations and appreciation for Tom Davis’ gift of beautiful calling for 40 solid years. Tom was joined by the masters – Nick Hartley, Darrin Henry, Jason Raleigh, Travis Cook, Kristy Williams, Teresa Burger, Amanda Skidmore, Williams, Mark Patterson, Gary Hutton, Nathaniel Arnett and Wesley Fenner who all shared Tom Davis antecdotes, memories and laughs. The squares were a constant rush of pure adrenaline and foot stomping bliss. The round dancers were twirling, waltzing and light of foot being cued by Elaine Wintrow. No one left hungry with the beautiful cake, cupcakes and the stock piled food line. Tom summoned up the afternoon, “Square dancing is more than squaring, it is a community, a family that sticks around no matter what. We are all so truly blessed.” We can’t get enough of Tom Davis!! Here is looking forward to another 40 + years of his great gift of calling!!

How Can I Keep From Square Dancing?

I must positively and ultimately attest that the answer to this question is not a mere, but yet meager one–that there is absolutely no way, without an even the slightest doubt or lack of explanation that nothing in this world can ever keep me from the joy of square dancing.

Once I step onto the dance floor, it is pure euphoria. A ginourmously catalystic explosion of excitement and happiness embraces my mind and heart to a whole new level that is beyond the realm of imagination. Like when a person experiences a first kiss of true love or holds their newborn in their arms for the first time. Couple this euphoria with the square dance calling of any of the great artists like Jack Pladdys, Mark Patterson, Tony Oxendine, Tom Davis, Jason Raleigh, Ken Roberts, Wes Dyer, Homer Magnet, Pam Courts, Christy Williams, Bob Jones, Ray Beavers…oh my, the listing of the ultimate callers is endless, a person can get lost in the paradise that square dancing electrifies throughout the Miami Valley Dance Council and beyond! Even to the point of arousing the thought again, “How can I keep from square dancing?”

Welcome to the MVDC!

welcomeCome One, Come All!
Welcome to the fresh look of the Miami Valley Dance Council website!
Our web address is still the same as our predecessor,
Hungry to learn what venues of dance that are offered in the greater Dayton area?
Take a bite of the 30 different clubs that the Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to showcase on their menu of dancing delights –!
These clubs include a sampling of square, round, folk, Scottish, contra and ballroom dancing.
The head “waiters” or members of the Council can be found at and at for the Michal Solomon Pavilion Support Committee.
Tantalize your mind and eyes with our two scrumptious calendars that will feed your inner dancing child:
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There is so much to explore and learn about dancing in the Miami Valley Dance Council, that we hope you will be fed with so much love and happiness that you will come back for seconds, thirds, fourths and even more!