Pls spy with your beautiful eyes the happenings from the 7/22/2019 MVDC Summer Plus Council with caller Jason Raleigh and hosting clubs, Hi-Point See Saws and Grand Squares!  Thank you, Fred Organ, MVDC VP, for the love, enthusiasm and care that you placed into the last nine weeks of the SPW’s.  It is still hard to believe that this was the last one.  Also, kudos to all the angels and new dancers who came each week.  There was a strong showing each evening!

The MSP…Was A What?

The Michael Solomon Pavilion was a hummin’, a squarin’ a rockin’ and a rollin’ during the MVDC Summer Plus Workshop with “the Tom Davis” on Monday, July 15th. A well known given fact arises when “the Tom Davis” is calling in the house that everyone present has a completely awesome and spectacular “a dancin’ time.” Pls enjoy the highlights from our lesson night that covered relay the deuce, track two, anything and spread, and diamond circulate. Kudos to Fred Organ, “the Tom Davis” and the hosting club, Kitty Hawks.
Remember to join us on Monday, July 22nd at 7:00 PM for our last SPW Session at the MSP! Jason Raleigh will guide us through coordinate, acey deucy, load the boat and ping pong circulate. The hosting clubs will be Grand Squares and Hi-Point See Saws!

How Can Squares Flow Like Milk and Honey?

Please spy the highlights from our July 8th Summer Plus Workshop with the super awesome, Jack Pladdys. His teachings were effortless and they flowed together in perfect unison during the tips like milk and honey. Thank you, Jack, Fred, St. Mary’s and High Point See Saws for making an excellent evening for all, especially our newly graduated dancers!

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Gary!

An explosive, witty and engaging Gary Kincaide was quite impressive with the time, care and hands-on demonstrations that he did to share Grand Swing Thru, Dixie Grand, All 8 Spin the Top, and Explode and— with the 67 students at the June 24th MVDC Summer Plus Workshop.

Gary really rolled his sleeves up and did not continue on to the next move until he was satisfied with everyone demonstrating their ability to understand the science behind it.

During the breaks, all enjoyed the Boot Scootin’ Boogey, assorted musical selections and even a Happy Birthday to Fred Organ!

It is so amazing how our MVDC Family and Gary Kincaide flowed as one to share the art of squaring with our newest dancers.

Kudos to Fred Organ, MVDC VP, Gary, Yellow Rockers and Double H!

Pls remember that the SPW’s will start again on July 8th!!