Don’t Bat An Eye

Whew. Stay calm. Wipe your brow. Grab a drink. Take a deep breath. Sit down. Stop texting. Place your ringer on silent. Relax. Now, that is better. You are ready to marvel at the 2nd 2018 Monday Night Summer Plus Workshop that was held at the Michael Solomon Pavilion on June 11th. Be mesmerized and tantalized by Jason Raleigh leading everyone in a euphoric square state of Explode the Wave, Linear Cycle, Flip the Diamond and Extend. As you can personally spy from the pics below, the crowd went nuts after each lesson for a singing call. They all laughed, yellow rocked and had a grand time. Don’t sweat, you are welcome to join us next Monday…please visit the Summer Plus Workshops page for more details.

2018 SPW FLIES!!

The first 2018 Summer Plus Workshop at the Michael Solomon Pavilion was a ginourmous success!! We had 19, yes 19, newly graduated square dancers take off their training wheels and go for a spin around the block with Bob Jones and Ray Beavers. The duo tagged teamed to reinforce tea cup chain, fan the top, peel off and tag the line. Even the veteran square dancers were amazed at how many different positions the tea cup chain could possibly start from. Double H Squares did a fantastic spread of snacks that gave everyone a “sugar high!” If you see Bob Jones around the MVDC, ask him to incorporate the nine pin call into the evening! He shared it with us last night and it was a huge hit. Fred Organ, VP of MVDC, hats off to you, for a fantastic evening for the 1st 2018 Summer Plus Workshop!!


This is a ginourmously large, super overly inflated, humongous shout out to all our recent square dance graduates! The 2018 MVDC Summer Plus Workshops will be held at the newly air-conditioned Michael Solomon Pavilion beginning, Monday, June 4th at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. They will continue through the end of July.

Fred Organ, MVDC Vice-President, had a few thoughts to share about the Summer Plus Workshops:

“I found this to be more of a challenge to put together than I thought. I am aware that a few clubs are not with their caller. Please support the workshops each week and we will see all the callers. Traditionally, the host clubs are to greet everyone and supply snacks for the night. I would like to see a little competition on the snacks! I remember more than twenty years ago, how much this program did to bring me into the community of dance and good friends and it did not hurt my moves any either.” Come and see us at Summer Plus.”

OH Dance Convention

Many members from various clubs in the Miami Valley Dance Council attended the “Get Up and Dance 58th Ohio State Dance Convention,” on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th in Columbus, OH. Kudos to the Ohio State Corp, callers and cuers who made this a fantastic weekend. Please take a gander and try to count the zillion smiles and all the excitement that shines through each pic from this fantastic convention. Please feel free to send me your pics at and I can add them to this post.

In the meantime…

Kitties & Crinolines

Suzanne Gray is a member of Cardinal Squares, Springfield, OH.  On Sunday, April 29th, Cardinal Squares raided the Curli Q’s Squares & Rounds Special Dance with Nick Hartley and Elaine Wintrow at the Pavilion.  In addition to the awesome dance, Curli Q’s hosted a recycle sale.  Suzanne brought a multi-colored crinoline home and placed it on her table in the hallway.   Suddenly, out of nowhere, two cat streaks flashed by and pounced upon the sparkly crinoline.  Leila and Tuna, decided to set up residence in this fluffy new make shift bed!  “Ah, this is heavenly!” they purred.  “To bad, Suzanne, we might be here for awhile, you will need to figure out Plan B for Crinolines for the upcoming 58th Ohio Dance Convention – ‘Get Up and Dance!‘ for this weekend!”  So, square dancers, in the future, please allow this blog post to be a reminder “Kitties & Crinolines,” go very well together, but not right before a state convention.  There might a cat fight waging on!