Wesley Fenton Square Dance Benefit – Thank You!

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you, MVDC Family and all who traveled from Columbus, Cincinnati, Kentucky and abroad, for coming out in large numbers to support the Wesley Fenton Benefit Square Dance on Sunday, February 3, 2019. 
$4,700 was raised in one afternoon.
Thank you, Fred Organ and Tom Davis for coming up with the brain child of holding this benefit for Wesley and Sharon Fenton.
Thank you, St. Mary’s Tri-Squares and Swinging 8’s for sponsoring the event.
Thank you to all the callers – Wes Dyer, Tom Davis, Travis Cook, Jason Raleigh, Ken Roberts, Jay Fitch, Christy Williams, Janet Smith, and Guest Callers who shared their time and amazing talent.
Thank you, cuers, Linda Bishop and Stuart Lewis for the crowd pleasing rounds!
Thank you, Elaine Wintrow, and the Troy round dance class for donating the proceeds from your practice and taking up a collection for Wesley and Sharon.
Thank you, Ray Owens, for providing the video equipment to broadcast the benefit live on the MVDC Facebook Page for Wesley and Sharon to watch and taking pics of the event!


Hey, Kristen

“Hey, Kristen!”
“What, mom?”
“Want to see something awesome?”
“Well it depends, what is it?” Kristen says.
I hand Kristen my celery phone and pull up the pics.
Kristen exclaims, “Holy Crackers! Say no more! This must be the MVDC Student Dance called by Ken Roberts and Jason Raleigh at the MSP on Sunday, Dec. 16th!”
“Mom, was this organized by Fred Organ, MVDC VP?”
“Yes, Kristen, we are blessed to be apart of the MVDC Family that Fred, Ken, and Jason are members of too!”
“Wow. It is great! Thanks for sharing this with me, mom. It brings back fond memories of my student days!”
“You are so welcome. It is awesome to see the students enjoying their time at the MSP!!” Colleen exclaims.
(That is what squaring is all about, and all the forms of dance that MVDC offers!)

Catch the Dance Bug!

Looking for an awesome activity an entire family can enjoy together? The Miami Valley Dance Council is a hub for over 30 different dance clubs from square, rounds, contra, folk, ballroom, and Irish-Scottish dancing. Each one has it’s own flavor and appeal. Check out this link MVDC Fall Lesson Info to begin your possible journey into the realm of dancing. Once you hit a single square, round, contra, folk, ballroom, or scottish dance lesson, the dancing bug never leaves!