Now Its Time

….To say goodbye, to all our company…


See ya real soon, summer plus lesson dancers.



Because we love you!


WOW. Were did this summer go too? The Summer Plus Workshops came to an end on Monday, July 23, 2018. What a wonderful last lesson class that Tom Davis and Wesley Fenner tag teamed together. They were quite the magic duo keeping the square dancers on their toes learning coordinate, ace deuce, load the boat, and ping pong circulate.

So, square dancers, we hope that you will join us next summer for another round of super awesome Summer Plus Lessons. Thank you, St. Mary’s Tri Squares and Swinging 8’s for sponsoring the evening. Many thanks to Tom Davis and Wesley Fenton, Jason Raleigh, Gary Kincaide, Ray Beavers, Bob Jones and Ken Roberts for being our callers, teachers and family. That is what square dancing is all about – gathering together for one heck of a good foot-stomping, keep on dancing forever, sort of time. Thanks, Fred Organ for an excellent program!

MSP Prime-time

Hello, Readers.

Welcome to the MSP Prime-time Blog!

The stage is set at the Michael Solomon Pavilion, Monday, July 16, 2018, Summer Plus Lesson.  Gem City Squares and Clinton County Country Squares were the ringleaders!

Ken Roberts, the esteemed and renowned caller and coach was in one corner, his most favorite spot at the MSP, the infamous, “Caller’s Box!”

Now, folks, hold onto your hats, the bell for this match has rung.

Seventy, yes, seventy square dancers, including, twelve newly hatched graduates, swarmed the entire dance floor all at once.

Yes, reader, you are now gasping in unbelief, exclaiming, “No, what happened to the infamous caller/coach, Ken Roberts? Was he eaten alive by this swarm?”

Calm yourself, friends.

Ken Roberts stayed cool, calm, and collective. He saw the approaching stampede, cranked up his awesome tunes, and a sudden calmness enveloped the crowd. He mesmerized the square dancers with his teaching of relay the deuce, track two, anything and spread and diamond circulate.

So, friends, wipe your brow, breathe a sigh of relief – this blog post was completely posted for your evening’s entertainment. You may have realized by now.  No one, not even this square dance blogger, can pull the pull the wool over any dancer’s or caller’s eyes.

Please try to set your sights to join us next, Monday, July 23, 2018, for another evening of fellowship and fun with Tom Davis and Wesley Fenton. St. Mary’s Tri-Squares and Swinging 8’s will be the host clubs. Kudos to Fred Organ, the ref of the Summer Plus Workshops!

Thank you, reader, for being a part of this awesome MVDC family.

Over and out. Yellow rocks to all, and to all a good night. Colleen Germann

Love That Caller…

Love That Caller?
Love who?
Which caller?
Would you like some hints?
His hair is white and gleaming as snow. His blue eyes dance and are as clear as rain. His smile is infectious.

Give up?
Or would a couple more help?

Nah, let’s get to the clincher…

…Well, this particular caller has taught his students over the years after finishing up a crossfire, to yell as loud as can be, “Love That Caller, Tom Davis!” No matter what dance that they are at, or who the caller might be, even Jack Pladdys, to proclaim this infamous line whenever possible. It has become quite a household phrase for most square dancers in the MVDC.

So, after sharing this story with the MVDC Summer Plus Workshop attendees, Tom Davis also lead the smiling and enthusiastic crowd through Single Circle to a Wave, Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears and Chase Right.

We have been truly blessed and are appreciative of all the callers, including Ray Beavers and Bob Jones, who have taken time to help so far with the Summer Plus Workshops at the Pavilion along with Tom Davis. Each week has been a fantastic review for everyone!

Please spy the pics and remember to attend the next SPW’s on Monday, July 16th with Ken Roberts. Gem City Sqs and Clinton County Country Squares are sponsoring the evening.

Remember, at the next square dance, to proclaim, “Love That Caller, Tom Davis!”