COVID 19 Procedures for Pavilion Use

1. MVDC Dancer Log Protocol:
    a) MVDC Dancer Log - CDC and Montgomery Health Department require a log to have on hand for contact purposes if the MVDC is alerted about a sickness by any person attending the dance. Click here to download the form.
    b) Place the MVDC Dancer Log; Dancer Sickness Alert Sign on a table separate from the Club's Sign In Table.
    c) Dancer Sickness Alert Sign states: “Dancers are not to attend if they are ill with any contagious infections, have been in contact with any person who has COVID-19 or have been experiencing any COVID symptoms such as fever or chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, or nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or sneezing.”
    d) Please have each person sign the waiver on the MVDC Dancer Log releasing the MVDC if the person contracts COVID-19, providing full name, phone number, and email, legibly.
    e) In order to stay compliant, everyone must sign this form, or they are not allowed to enter the building.
    f) Once a page is filled, please sign and date it at the bottom of the sheet.
    g) It is imperative that an attendant stay at this table during the beginning of the dance until the crowd thins out. Please be certain to catch any late comers.
    h) Once sign ins are complete, place binder and sign back in bin and place on MSP counter.
    i) Sanitize bin after use with spray and towels in kitchen.

2. Clubs need to plan in advance of the event:
    a) No food to share at the dance. Encourage each dancer to bring their own water bottle and any necessary snacks. (The water fountain has been turned off.)
    b) Bring to the dance an abundance of hand sanitizer for everyone to use at the function, near the door, the kitchen, and at each separate dance floor section.
    c) Wearing a mask and using gloves is optional. Each club in MVDC is to make the final decision for their club on whether the masks and/or gloves are mandatory or optional. It would be advisable for the clubs to have gloves and masks on hand in case a dancer requests such items. (The Montgomery County Board of Health has strongly advised the use of masks and gloves due to square dancing being hand to hand contact.)

3. Social distance to accommodate separate dance floor sections and have individuals form groups of 8 dancers. Each group should try to remain the same for the entire dance (try not to switch dancers between groups). Each group will remain in one section for dancing. All dance sections will be 6 feet apart. Round dancers will maintain 6 feet of distance between couples and same two dancers stay together the entire time.

4. Wash hands frequently/use hand sanitizer often, this includes right before and immediately after a tip. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer near each separated 8 foot section to ensure that this action happens in order to stay compliant.

5. Limit to approximately 80 people in attendance, including the caller and cuer and any individuals who accompany them.

6. Clean all surfaces after a dance with disinfectant spray bottles provided in kitchen including but not limited to:
    a) Tables, chairs
    b) Counter tops
    c) Bathrooms -an occasional wiping of highly used surfaces in the bathroom is strongly recommended during the dance itself as well as after the dance.
    d) Kitchen surfaces - reminder: do not put out food or water.
    e) Caller station
    f) All door handles

7 DO NOT USE FANS. Open a few windows or prop open the door for air circulation. Air conditioning may be used. Remember to close all windows and lock doors at conclusion of event.

8. Each club sponsoring a dance is expected to notify the Montgomery County Board of Health if anyone who has attended the dance is diagnosed with COVID-19.