Friendship Badges

This award program was reinstated in January, 2013. Forms can be obtained from your Club Banner Raid Person, Club Council Rep, any MVDC Officer, or downloaded here (PDF). After completed give back to your Banner Raid Chair to submit to the MVDC Awards Chair.

MVDC Friendship Badge Guidelines

1. Visit 10 different MVDC member clubs that you are not a member of.
2. You cannot get this form signed during a raid/retrieve dance.
3. This form must be signed during the dance by the Raid Chairman or President of the club you are visiting.
4. Turn completed form into your club Banner Raid person to submit to the MVDC.

Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs Friendship Badge

This award program is run by the Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs, of which MVDC is a member. As such, dancers who are members of MVDC clubs are eligible to participate. For more information visit the Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs Friendship Badge page.