Honor Roll Dancers Awards Program

Each year the Miami Valley Dance Council recognizes dancers and leaders who have provided outstanding service or made great contributions to the recreational dance community of the Miami Valley.  Each member club of the Miami Valley Dance Council may nominate a person or couple for this honor each year.

Honor Roll Dancers nomination forms are due at the November Council meeting.

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  Honor Roll Dancers Nomination Rules

  1. The nominee(s) must be a Couple/Person(s) and a member of a Club in the Miami Valley Dance Council.
  2. The nominee may be Club Honor Roll Dancer(s) multiple times.
  3. The nominee may be Council Honor Roll Dancer(s) once.
  4. Council Clubs may nominate any Couple/Person(s) that are members of the Club including but not limited to Dancers, Callers, Prompters, Cuers, Leaders, etc.
  5. Only one nomination will be accepted from each Council Club.
  6. All entries must be received by the Council Secretary during the November Council meeting for selection the following January. (The Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs, aka State Corp, requires notification of our selection in January of every year.)

Honor_Roll_Dancers_Nomination Form-Word Document

Honor_Roll_Dancers_Form-PDF File

Council Honor Roll Dancers Selection (Judging) Criteria and Directions

  1. Each Club Nominee will be evaluated in each column in separate rows.
  2. Notes for each column are to be recorded in the space provided in each column.
  3. All nominees are to be reviewed prior to column totals being recorded.
  4. Scoring for each category shall be accomplished using a curve method for each column.
  5. When all nominees have been rated in each category, the totals row shall be added and recorded in the Total column.
  6. In case of a tie, the nominee with the highest score from the total of all the judges’ scores shall be the Council Honor Roll Dancer(s).
  7. The judges are the members of the Miami Valley Dance Council Executive Board.
  8. Each judge shall have his/her own Selection Criteria Form(s) provided by the Council.
  9. Any judge that has been selected by a Council Club as their Honor Roll Dancer(s) shall be excused from the selection process.
  10. The selection process shall take place after the January Executive Board Meeting and the Council President at the January Council Meeting shall announce the Council Honor Roll Dancer(s).

Honor_Roll_Dancers_Judging_Form-Word Document

Honor_Roll_Dancers_Judging_Form-PDF Form

Tips for Improving Your Honor Roll Dancers Nomination

  1. Type the nomination form (or computer print) in addition to the attached write up. The nominations are read out loud to the judges.  The reader will do a better job of presenting the nomination if he/she can read your form.
  2. Quantify your answers as much as possible. This makes it easier for the judges to compare one nominee to another.

For example,

“Secretary – 5 years (1975, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1990)” is a better answer than

“Secretary – 1975, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1990” which is a better answer than

“Secretary – many years” which is a better answer than


Another example, for the question Service At Club Level (Kitchen, Greeters, Clean-up, Decorate, etc.):

“Kitchen worker – 2 years; Greeters – 1 year; Decorations help – 3 years; Fold and stamp newsletters – 2 years” is a better answer than

“Kitchen / Greeters / Clean-up / Decorate” which is a better answer than

“All of the above” (the reader does not typically read the words in parenthesis, so the statement is out of context when read out loud).

  1. Be sure to attach or include a Write Up about the nominee. This is a narrative statement that may include information that didn’t fit in the form.  This item is worth up to 5 points in the scoring.  By not including a write up you are throwing away points.
  2. Keep your sentences short and to the point. Avoid run on sentences.  Long sentences are difficult for the reader to read.  Long sentences are difficult for the judges to follow because they are listening to it instead of seeing it.
  3. Fill in every item on the form. Do not leave items unanswered.  If you don’t have data for something then put “None” or “Not Applicable”.
  4. Do not use abbreviations without first using the full name of the thing being abbreviated. Do not assume that the judges will understand your abbreviations.  Example:  Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC).
  5. Use proper grammar and spelling. When words sound the same, look in a dictionary for correct usage.  When you are not sure about spelling, use a dictionary.  Don’t make your nominee look bad because you don’t use the right words or you can’t spell.  One common problem is the use of “there” vs “their” vs “they’re”.
  6. Do not fill the nomination with information not pertinent to the award. This award is about dancers and their service to and support of the overall recreational dance activity.  We don’t care how many children they have, what church they go to, or that they have been a Mason for 20 years.
  7. Staple pages of multiple page nominations together. Do not take a chance that a page may get lost.

Other Information About the Program

  1. An original form is not necessary. Facsimiles will be accepted as long as all the information from the form is included.  Typewritten or computer printed nominations are encouraged.
  2. The MVDC Executive Board will judge the nominations after the January Executive Board meeting, and announce the winner at the January Council meeting.
  3. The Council will pay for the Council Honor Roll Dancers badges. The Awards Committee Chair should inquire from the selected dancers what names they want on their badges before ordering the badges.
  4. The Council will provide paid registrations to the state convention for the current year Council Honor Roll Dancers.
  5. Once the Council Honor Roll Dancers have been chosen, an information sheet must be prepared.
  6. The information sheet will be framed and mounted at the Michael Solomon Pavilion. Copies of the information sheet will be made and distributed to local clubs and the State Corp.
  7. Council Honor Roll Dancers names will be forwarded to State Corp for consideration for the state-wide version of the award.
  8. Current year Council Honor Roll Dancers from all councils in the state who are wearing their Honor badges shall be admitted free to Council club dances for one year.
  9. A Honor Dance will be held once a year to recognize the Council Honor Roll Dancers, all Honor Roll Dancers nominees, and all Honor Raiders (Banner Raid awards).