Honor Dancers

Matt and Brenda met during a bowling league in Albuquerque New Mexico in 2005. They married 3 years later. In 2013, Matt was offered a job at Wright Patterson AFB Ohio. Matt being originally from Michigan and Brenda being originally from Illinois it seemed like a good opportunity to move back to the Midwest and experience green and get away from the never-ending brown of the desert. Matt and Brenda were excited to see all the advertisements for the local festivals it was something that was not prevalent in New Mexico. As they attended many festivals they looked in the paper to see the upcoming festivals and associated events. They happened upon an ad for the Fairborn Corn Festival. The line-up included demos for clogging and square dancing. They decided to go check out the first couple of classes and determine if it was something they (mainly Matt, as he was unsure about dancing) would enjoy. Well, the rest is history.

Matt & Brenda graduated from the joint Kitty Hawk / Yellow Rockers square dance lessons in May of 2014. They were avid raiders and quickly earned their Kitty Hawk Snoopy Raider badge. Their first raid with the club was at Concord Cloverleafs in Urbana OH. It seemed so far away. Little did they know that they would be traveling far and wider all over the country to promote and dance a few years later. Matt and Brenda attended their first Ohio State Convention in Cincinnati that same year and have not missed one since.

They got involved in the club as active members and soon held the secretary position which has then led to multiple terms as Vice-President, for the club. This lead to them being involved in the Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC). Matt became active in the MVDC after being asked to serve as the awards chair for the MVDC and then terms as trustee, and more recently a State Corporation representative for the MVDC.

During this same time frame Brenda volunteered to help with the upcoming 66th National Square Dance Convention to take place in Cincinnati in 2017. They ultimately took on the challenge of Housing Vice-Chairman. They seamlessly managed 4500 room nights for the convention. It was daunting task that was challenging and rewarding. As the 66th NSDC was coming to a conclusion Matt and Brenda were asked to serve on the committee to host the 2018 Ohio Dance Convention to be put on by the State Corporation. Matt took the position of Assistant General Chairman and Brenda as Registration Chairman. After a successful state convention and what was expected to be a rest Brenda was asked to be Registration Chair for the 2020 Ohio Convention and Matt was asked to be the General Chairman for the 2021 Ohio Convention to be sponsored by the MVDC. Brenda has coordinated the first and then 2 subsequent Holiday Craft Fairs sponsored by the MVDC.

Matt and Brenda have made many friends in the square dance community from near and far as they have enjoyed the activity both locally and around the country. They strive to ensure new dancers not only enjoy the dance activity but the social aspect as well. Matt and Brenda enjoy the activity and work diligently to support all facets of the activity. They work hard to ensure the activity continues to thrive, introducing new ideas to attempt to grow the activity. They are great cheerleaders and activists for the activity not only locally but also on a national level. Matt and Brenda are setting the example for what a couple that loves our activity is willing to do and take on to ensure it thrives into the distant future.

Steve and Beverly met at a YWCA ball-room dance class in Dayton Ohio in 1986. They married 3 years later and got down to raising their blended family with 5 children. Beverly has 3 children and Steve had 2. In 2001 Steve’s mother and step dad (Nola & Bill Burge) retired from their jobs in Atlanta, GA and moved back to Dayton. Their first question to Steve and Beverly was where are the square dance clubs in Dayton. They had learned to square dance in Atlanta and had enjoyed the activity. Steve said he had nev-er heard of any. This is about that time that their kids were becoming busy with their own lives and Steve and Beverly had time for a hobby together.

Steve’s mom saw a Kitty Hawk Square’s dance lesson flyer posted at the senior center one day and that lead Steve’s mother and Beverly to talk Steve into trying out the activity. Well, the rest is history.

Steve & Beverly graduated from Kitty Hawk square dance lessons in April of 2004. They were avid raiders and quickly earned their Kitty Hawk Snoopy Raider badge. Their first raid with the club was a mystery bus trip to Concord Cloverleafs in Urbana OH. It seemed so far away. Little did they know that they would be traveling far and wide all over the country to promote and dance a few years later. Steve and Beverly attended their first Ohio State Convention in Cleveland that same year and have not missed one since. They have danced Plus, DBD, A1, A2, and C1 before going on to round dancing at Phase III/IV levels.

They got involved in the club as active members and soon held multiple terms as VP, President, Board Members and MVDC representative for the club. This lead to them being involved in the Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC). Steve became active in the MVDC and held Multiple terms as trustee, VP, and President, and State Corporation representative for the MVDC. While serving as the MVCD representative to the Ohio State Corporation of Square & Round Dance Clubs Steve & Beverly served multiple terms as VP and President. While in their next to last term as president of the State Corporation the corporation was asked to consider Ohio taking on the hosting of a National Square Dance Convention. Steve agreed to be part of a bidding committee to explore a bid for the 66th National Square Dance Convention to be held in 2017. All was progressing and the state federations agreed to except the opportunity to bid for the national. Cincinnati was picked as the location and the city was enlisted to help in our bib to be made in Oklahoma City in 2013. Due to the illness of the proposed General Chairman 8 months before the bid Steve

Beverly were asked to step up and take the Position and complete the Bid in Oklahoma. Ohio won the bib and Steve and Beverly became General Chairman of the 66th National Square Dance convention. Upon completion of the 66th National Convention Steve and Beverly were asked to take a seat on the National Executive Committee (NEC) that over-sees all the National Conventions

Terri and Fred love both squares and round dancing, it has brought them many close friends. In the early years, Fred’s parents were still dancing and their sons James and Paul also learned to dance, and have raids showing on the wall, so for a while they had 3 generations dancing in a square.

This has taken them places they likely would not have gone, like dancing in the Caribbean on and off of 3 different cruise ships, many long weekends like March into Spring, Turkey Strut, Brown County, more than a few local parades and demos to drum up new students and then being angels at lessons for them for 20 years.

They have served both their club and the square dance community. They have held offices in the club and are always there to support the club at dances and when raiding. Fred and Terri have also been an integral part of the Miami Valley Dance Council serving as President and Fred has been an important asset in the forthcoming lease and renovations of the Michael Solomon Pavilion. They are also serving as the assistant program chair for the 66th National Square Dance Convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017.

Fred and Terri are there to support the square and round dance community in whatever way necessary and possible.

Fred and Terri stated the following, “The honor has been ours already just to be part of the fun activity filled with great people and we have worked hard to keep it alive, we also work hard to keep our home club running smooth if we are in office or not.

Dancing brings us great joy and we love to share it with others.”

Years Dancing: 21+

Ohio Conventions: 18

National Conventions: 11

Twenty Five years of Dancing, Service and Leadership are full of significance for one special dancer, Miss Linda Hasting. Linda is the 2015 nominee for the Miami Valley Dance Council Honor Roll Dancer representing the Yellow Springs Yellow Rockers.

The saying goes “If you want something done, “Ask a busy person” and over the years Linda has been a very busy and dedicated volunteer to her club, the Yellow Springs Yellow Rockers, and to her Council, the Miami Valley Dance Council.

From the moment Linda stepped on the dance floor in 1989 square dancing shaped and changed her life. Always with a smile on her face and a square dance song in her heart Linda said yes and served in the positions of President, Vice President and Club Nominations Chairman. Linda also served her club as a behind the scene “worker bee” making sure home dances were set up, taken down, and helped angel both round and square dance classes.

Miami Valley dancers often found Linda dancing at many special square dance activities including Demo’s from Dayton to Xenia and everywhere in between and summer workshop classes and weekends in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

From 2005 thru 2014 Linda proudly represented the Miami Valley Dance Council in the positions of President, Vice President, Trustee, Michael Solomon Support Committee Liaison, Awards Chairman and Constitution and Nominations Committee.

Volunteering by Linda was not kept at the local level as Linda’s experience and expertise guided her thru a variety of Ohio State Square Dance positions. From 2005 thru 2011 Linda assisted the Ohio Dance Conventions as Publicity Show Participant, Showcase of Ideas Committee, Sewing Room Chairman, and Publicity Show Chairman including the writing and directing Miami Valley welcome skit performed in both 2010 and 2011. Dancers easily spotted Linda on the dance floor as she attended Ohio Dance Conventions from the early 1990’s in Toledo, Dayton & Columbus, to Cincinnati in 2005 thru Aurora in 2015.

With attendance at National Conventions in 2010 (Louisville) 2014 (Little Rock) 2015 (Springfield), and Pre Conventions at 2014 (Springfield) and 2015 (Des Moines) Linda now serves as Secretary of the Queen City Board representing the 66th National Square Dance Convention in 2017 (Cincinnati). In 2008 Linda attended the Singles Square Dance USA Convention in Nashville as well as 2013 (St. Louis) and 2014 (Portland).

As a past active member of Super B’s, Xenia Hospitality Squares and A-Sharps, and a current member of Yellow Spring Yellow Rockers, Kittyhawk’s Square and Round Dance Club and Whirlaways, Linda’s commitment and dedication to all levels of Square and Round Dancing is nothing short of dazzling.

Easy going, giving and forgiving aptly describes Linda’s personality. She readily shares her warm smile and always has a Yellow Springs Yellow Rock for old friends and new acquaintances.

Linda’s children Tom and his wife Cammie of Pensacola, Fl and Michael and his wife Ashley in West Carrollton are the lights of her life. As a single Mother Linda knew what perseverance and determination was needed when she went to work and raised her young family alone. Today Linda’s beautiful grandchildren Donovan and Ursula bring special moments to her abundant and joyful life, full circle,

Born in Springfield and raised in Jamestown, Ohio Linda grew up on a farm and was the oldest of 5 children. Linda earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management at Wilberforce University, and worked as an Administrative Assistant and Librarian for over 31 years.

When Linda is not busy dancing to the beat of the music or working on the 66th NSDC, she enjoys researching Genealogy. Linda was a member Ohio Genealogical Society and held offices in the Greene County Chapter. Linda is both a charter and lifetime member of the Greene County Chapter

As member of her Church’s Women’s Group, Linda’s kind and caring nature and simple enjoyment just living her life makes her a leader, not a follower, in the many, exciting and satisfying services she warmly gives to others. Linda loves to learn new things, enjoys the company of others and easily accepts people for who they are.

Today you will find Linda happily researching and documenting information for a book she is writing on Xenia native Charles Grapewin, an American Vaudeville writer and silent and sound stage actor.

Linda’s passion is dancing and as she has been known to say,

“Dancing is the loftiest…of the arts because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.” Live life freely, Laugh with joy and Dance every chance you get.

Richard and Linda have been dancing for 7 over years. In 2007, Linda went to Tennessee on vacation, while Richard went out to Wyoming hunting. While in Tennessee she had 2 square dancing lessons with Johnny Chambers, in Spring City. Upon returning they looked on the internet for lessons, and were directed to Cardinal Squares in Springfield, Ohio. They started lessons the last week of January 2008 and 16 weeks later graduated. During the 16 weeks they went to lessons on Tuesday and workshop with Ray Beavers on Thursday. Then on Sunday they went to Caller Ed Heuker’s home for more lessons. In September of that same year they started taking Round Dance lessons from Bud and Elaine Wintrow at Ralph’s Place. The beginning of the next year they started going to Hayner in Troy, Ohio to learn other rhythms.

Wanting to give back to the clubs that had helped them improve their dancing skills they contacted a business in their community that had a large building. In August 2009, with the help of Callers, Cuers and Line Dance Leaders, Fall Round-Up at Indian Lake was born. They had vendors, sold dangles, had the clubs bring lesson information and also held a raffle for the 2011 Ohio State Dance Convention. With an average of 200 attendees each day vendors at the Flea Market where Fall Round-Up was held saw increased business for their community. They wanted to show the public all the fun, they were having each week and that squares, rounds and line dancing was a fun, and a healthy activity for mind, body and spirit.

In 2010, they went on a Square Dance Cruise with Homer & Sue Magnet/Bud & Elaine Wintrow to the Western Caribbean. While on the cruse they square danced, round danced and even invited dancers to have Champaign and Wedding Cake with them, when they renewed their Wedding Vows. Later that year at Fall Round-Up, Bud and Elaine Wintrow loaned Linda equipment for cueing. This gave Linda a chance to try cueing and see if it was for her. By October, our son’s family had all taken square dance lessons and Linda cued at our son’s square dance wedding. So many friends were there from our dance family.

In July of 2011, Linda cued her first full dance at Concord Cloverleaf Squares in Urbana. They have assisted new round dancers in classes they have taken. In October of 2011, Linda was asked by John and Gay Chevalier, to become club Cuer for Grand Squares of Vandalia. In July 2012, Richard fell at work and broke his femur and was not able to dance, but passed out flyers at the mall dances from a wheelchair. In November of 2012 Richard was voted in as Trustee for the Miami Valley Dance Council, for the term covering 2013 – 2014. During his time as Trustee Richard encouraged St. Mary’s to join the Miami Valley Dance Council and assisted them with paperwork. Richard worked with St. Mary’s in organizing the Welcome St. Mary’s Dance, Tom Dillander Dance and the Benefit Dance for the Michael Solomon Support Committee. Richard also attended as a Trustee, student dances, honor couple dances and Miami Valley Callers Association dances. Richard also participated in the Public Broadcasting Television Auction in Dayton. In July of 2014 Richard had foot surgery and was still in a boot for the council sponsored dance at the Dayton Mall in August. Richard still attended the dance and passed out flyers for several clubs to recruit new dancers. Richard has also been nominated for Trustee for the 2015 – 2016 terms.

In 2013, St. Mary’s Tri-Squares asked Linda if she would like to be their club Cuer and she gladly accepted. Linda has now cued in Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Indiana and all over Ohio. In February of 2013 they started teaching Two-Step and Waltz. They find it wonderful to see the face of a dancer when they understand the skills required for Round Dancing. They better understand how to schedule Cuers and are looking forward to being a part of the 2017 National Square Dance Convention. They teach Phase II rounds and are members of Cardinal Squares, Grand Squares, Buckeye Round Dance Council, Midwestern Ohio Callers Association, Miami Valley Callers Association and Roundalab.

Dick and Linda would like to thank their dancing family for all the support in this journey and many more. Yellow Rocks!

Paul and Karen have danced together since they met in 1995. Their first date was to a square dance pre-view at Kittyhawks. Paul had danced since 1980. He asked Karen if she would like to learn Square Dancing. She said she had always wanted to learn.

Lessons were about to begin at Hoosier Corners, Paul said he would be her angel if she wanted to go. She has held him to this offer for 17 years, after their marriage in1996. They have been active members in Hoosier Corners and Gem City before joining the Brookville Curli Q’s. Prior to their marriage, Paul had been a member in other clubs -St Claire Squares, Lewisburg Promenaders, Brookville Just a Mere’s, Miami Valley Singles and Grand Squares. Through the years both Paul and Karen have held all the executive offices at these clubs as well as raid chairs at Hoosier Corners and Kitchen duty and other duties as assigned. They have devoted a lot of time and energy to our Ohio State Conventions as Fundraising Chairs in 2007 and 2011 and Hospitality chairs in 2003. They have attended 5 National Conventions as well as having danced in 10 states and one Canadian Province. They were instrumental in finding locations and advertising for the recent Curli Q’s lesson classes. They have danced in many demo’s, fairs, festivals and parades in an effort to publicize the joys of square dancing.

The Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to name Paul and Karen Lindquist as its 2013 Honor Roll Dancers.

The breadth and depth of their involvement in the greater Dayton dance community bear witness to the leading role Leslie Hyll and Edmund Cordray have played in recreational dance for more than 40 years.

As a child, Leslie attended many square dances in the Dayton area with her parents. She became a member of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers (MVFD) at age 12. Ed had dancing parents as well; he too was an accomplished folk dancer by age 12, active in several folk dance clubs on the West Coast. In his twenties, he performed in the semi-professional ensemble “Westwind.” It is no surprise that when Ed found himself in Dayton and checked out local dancing, he found a kindred spirit in Leslie. Their 1991 wedding was a dance extravaganza in folk costume, attended by many in the Dayton dance community.

Leslie and Ed’s breadth of experience has made them a wonderful resource for recreational dance in Dayton. Leslie has taught MVFD and Wright State University dance classes, helped several local ethnic groups rediscover and present their dances at the Dayton International Festival, and introduced dance to many non-dancers. She has held a variety of MVFD offices, served on Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC) committees, organized demos and community outreach, chaired workshops and festivals, and set up and maintained the MVFD website and email list. Before he moved to Dayton, Ed regularly provided sound for bands at West Coast dance camps and festivals. He continues to provide or manage sound at Cityfolk Contra Dances and other regional dances. He has maintained sound equipment, served on committees, chaired workshops, and worked to bring dancers, teachers, and musicians to Dayton for the community to enjoy.

One of Ed and Leslie’s keenest interests is preserving the history of recreational dance in Dayton. Leslie has collected and scanned historical artifacts, and has made thousands of these artifacts publicly available on the internet. She has also established digital archives for both MVDC and MVFD. Leslie organized and executed the creation of a CD containing scanned syllabi from every known workshop sponsored by MVFD from 1953 to 2004. In 2011, she created displays about the history of square dancing for the Buckeye State Convention. For his part, Ed has taken charge of preserving the wealth of music that MVFD and others have acquired over 60 years. He has digitized hundreds of records and tapes, and made the recordings available on a computer.

All the groups that dance at the Michael Solomon Pavilion have benefited from Ed’s willingness to take on responsibility. He chaired the Michael Solomon Support Committee for 12 years. He oversaw the refinishing of the floor, installation of a new roof, and improvements to the women’s restroom and kitchen. Ed personally took care of most of the ongoing repairs and maintenance to the Pavilion, from installing new locks or gutters to replacing the hot – water heater and painting the outside of the building. Ed also served as the treasurer for the 2006 and 2011 Buckeye State Conventions.

Both Ed and Leslie have created and nurtured relationships with other organizations, such as Cityfolk, Culture Works, and Dayton Dance Partners. Since 2007, they have arranged and financed several dance residencies with local schools. All these partnerships have introduced recreational dance to a larger audience than just MVFD or MVDC, while bringing to Dayton teachers and bands that clubs and schools could not have afforded on their own.

Ed and Leslie have demonstrated over and over their commitment to keeping Dayton dancing. We look forward to their next endeavor. For their many combined years of contributions to recreational dance in Dayton, and their continued commitment to keeping recreational dance available to the greater Dayton community, the Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to name Leslie Hyll and Edmund Cordray as its 2012 Honor Roll Dancers.

Dick and June Walser are charter members of the Cloverleaf Squares. They took lessons from Jess Fugate when he taught a small class arranged by Jim & Joyce McGuire in 1993. This small class formed the club and held its first dance in February 1994 at the Concord Community Center.

Dick does much of the publicity work for the club by designing flyers for special dances. He designed the logo for our club shirts. June did the leg-work in ordering and getting them printed.

Dick is one of the main drivers when we car-pool for Raids and Retrievals. On a typical weekend when we go to at least two dances, he drives a total of about 160 miles. His van holds 8 people so we depend on him a lot.

In 1998, Dick & June planned and mapped out a trip for many of our members to go to National Convention in Charlotte. They made all of the arrangements for motels and sightseeing on the trip. It was the first National Convention for most of our club.

Since then, Dick and June have planned other trips for our club to attend National Conventions. The best one was when they planned for 16 members to fly out to California for the Convention in Anaheim. We flew into San Francisco and rented 3 vans and then toured the whole state. Dick mapped out the entire tour!

The other trips to National Conventions included St. Paul in 2002 and Denver in 2004. Dick and June have attended many other National Conventions of their own.

Last year when it was time to start lesson classes, Dick and June wanted to draw more local attention to the Cloverleaf Club in Urbana. They hung big signs on Dick’s little Miata and drove it in the Hoopla Parade through the center of town. It drew lots of attention and inquires about lesson classes.

June also attended the Community Activities Fair which is held each year at Urbana University to make the students aware of activities they can get involved in, in Urbana.

The Concord Cloverleaf Squares have nominated Dick and June for MVDC Honor Roll Dancers because we feel they have truly embraced the spirit of square dancing.

Jim and Marge Gill learned to square dance with the Grand Squares Dance Club, Jim in 1982 and Marge in 1984. During the past 26 years they became very involved in square dance activities. For health reasons, Marge has not been as active in the past few years, but continues to support the club whenever she can.

Whenever the club needs something done, Jim is one of the first to volunteer. In 1984 he started going to the hall early and setting up the dance area. He’s still doing it. Each dance week he gets the coffee ready, makes the punch with mix and ice donated by McDonald’s, and gives the President a heads-up about the hall condition (tables, chairs, air conditioning, etc.) In 26 years, Jim has attended more than 500 club dances.

Jim and Marge volunteered to be Banner Raid Chairmen for the Grand Squares in 1985. They’re still doing it. They took the club from 10 to 12 raids yearly to 100 raids during 1998. That year they had 2283 attendees as raiders. At one time he had 32 banners from other clubs. Jim feels he has not done a good job when he has more than two or three banners out. Jim currently has more than 1500 raids, Marge has more than 1000. He is proudest of his banner from Kitty Hawks, fourteen straight years with the largest club attendance at the Canned Food Dance. His banner raid efforts are largely responsible for the larger than average dances at Grand Squares.

The Grand Squares have had an annual Garage Sale for seven years. Jim volunteered to be there with his truck to pick up and deliver sale items. At the end of the sale, he hauls the unsold items to the local Goodwill store.

Jim and Marge were among the first to volunteer for club demos, whether for recruiting or for entertaining in nursing homes. They participated in all the parades in Englewood and Vandalia (Air Show, 4th of July, etc.) They have participated in four of the Dayton Square Dance Convention Publicity Shows.

Jim has been the Grand Squares club representative to the MVDC for ten years and MVDC Awards chairman for seven years. He verifies and submits requests for Honor Raider badges. He presents the 100 banner raid badges and subsequent awards to those who have earned them.

Jim has attended all but two of the Ohio State Dance Conventions since 1982. Marge attended all but four since 1984. They attended the National Conventions in Cincinnati, Memphis, and twice in Indianapolis.

Carolyn Stovall became a member of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers (MVFD) in 1961, bringing an already impressive background in folk dancing to the group. Her interest in dance began as a child. She had an early wish “to be the fastest feet in Scioto County.” Her love of dancing continued through her college years at Transylvania University (KY), where she danced with the Transylvania Folk Dancers and attended workshops at Berea College.

By the late 1970s, Carolyn had assumed a leadership role within MVFD and has remained active ever since. Through her 46 years with MVFD, she has served in various offices and on an assortment of committees, several times each. We are particularly grateful that from 1997 through 2003, as an unpaid volunteer, Carolyn organized and taught MVFD’s beginners class and even collected dance instructions for all the dances she had taught and made them available to class members. When Carolyn finally “retired” from teaching the class, the MVFD Chair noted that she had possessed all the requisite qualities: reliability, consistency, punctuality, excellent teaching skills, thorough knowledge of the dances, careful preparation, excellent organizational skills, and excellent people skills. We were blessed by having Carolyn who possessed all these qualities. The club had grown significantly as a direct result of her dedication and hard work.

Carolyn’s interest in expanding her knowledge of dance has taken her throughout the US and the world. She has eagerly attended workshops and camps, from Maine to Macedonia. And she has been instrumental in bringing quality instructors to Dayton.

In the 1990s, Carolyn became involved with the Miami Valley Dance Council, serving four terms as Secretary. She has taken special interest in the Michael Solomon Pavilion (MSP); when the Pavilion was threatened by proposed improvements to the Community Golf Course, Carolyn alerted area dancers and provided them with historical information on it. She was also a member of the Council’s 1995 Ohio Buckeye Dance Convention Committee (Chair of Folk Dancing), and led folk dance sessions for the 2001 Convention as well.

But Carolyn’s leadership has not been limited to MVFD and MVDC. For many years she danced with the Zivio Slavic Dancers, performing locally and in Yugoslavia. She has been active with the Dayton International Festival, serving in various positions, and spearheading a drive to save the festival in the mid-90s. Perhaps most important of all was her leadership as a physical education teacher in Huber Heights elementary schools. For over 10 years, she included recreational dance as part of the physical education curriculum, thereby introducing hundreds of students to recreational dance.

Carolyn’s dedication to the recreational dance activity in the Dayton area cannot be denied. Her contributions of time and talent have been significant. She sees something that needs to be done and she does it. Her enthusiasm for all kinds of dance has been much appreciated, not only by MVFD, but by MVDC members, by her former students, and by the general public whom she encourages to join in. The Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to name Carolyn as its 2008 Honor Roll Dancer.

Louise began dancing with the Miami Valley Folk Dancers in 1976. And we’ve never been the same.

Louise is one of the most creative and outgoing members we have ever had. Any time someone new walks in, she is one of the first to greet them. She has personally brought many new people to dance, including many students from Miami University. She makes it a point to know each member’s name and each visitor’s name. She is instrumental in getting members of our club to interact and know each other better, and she does it in amazingly creative ways – including her “Mystery Dancer” contests, “Name that Dance” contests, and her hilarious skits about our honor roll dancer nominees. In fact, for the last 10 years Louise has organized these skits, presenting them at our annual business meeting. Our members always look forward to Louise’s next burst of creativity.

Louise is always willing to serve our club and has served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Program Committee Chair, Workshop Chair, Newsletter Editor, and on many committees. She has audited our books and cleaned up our messes. She has participated in demos, hosted workshop leaders, proofread syllabi, organized an ethnic bazaar, chaired parties, and decorated the pavilion. Even though she has no partner, she willingly assumes the male or female role in dances that require partners. Few people are so willing to give so much of themselves.

Of course, we are not the only group who has enjoyed Louise’s selflessness. She has helped out at Miami Valley Dance Council hosted dance conventions, participated in Pavilion Cleaning Days, and weeded the Pavilion flower beds. She was a member of the Zivio Slavic Dancers for many years and had the wonderful opportunity to perform with them in Yugoslavia in 1987.

In her non-dance time, she is involved in civic organizations such as the Dayton Literary Council, Dayton Peace Museum, Habitat for Humanity and League of Women Voters. In addition, she serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused, neglected and dependent children (CASA), reads with public school children, and teaches English as an additional language to recent immigrants.

As a long time professor at Miami University, besides bringing students to dance, Louise brought dance to students. For 3 years, she taught a living history honors course which included traditional American dances and historical dance etiquette as part of the course.

If every member of every club did half of what Louise does for the dance community, the dance community would be friendlier and larger than our wildest dreams. Louise is the most humble of people and does not care for any accolades or honors. She will say that she has done nothing. But we know better, and this honor is long overdue.

The Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to name Louise Van Vliet as its 2007 Honor Roll Dancer.

Steve and Sharry Hayden are members of Gem City Squares and the only members who didn’t know how to Square Dance when they joined the club, they have been dancing 8 years. They learned to Round Dance first but after sitting and watching the Square Dancers having so much fun they learn to Square Dance the following year. They have angeled both Squares and Round Dance Classes, attend raids and retrievals, participate in demos the club and council puts on, dance in parades, at County and State Fairs, Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, entertained visitors from other countries, many festivals and have visited many Square Dance Club while traveling on business and vacation across the country.

Steve and Sharry have attended all State Conventions in the years they have been dancing, the first one attended they were only Round Dancing but had a great time watching everyone on the Square Dance floor and wishing they were dancing too. They have attended several National Conventions, and many special weekend events.

Steve has been Club President, Past President and set up and maintains Gem City’ s Web Site; Sharry has been Sunshine Chairman for many years, in charge of the Kitchen, City Council Rep and Michael Soloman Support Committee attendee for a number of years. As well as Greeters and Kitchen Help and always there to clean up after all dances and classes.

Steve is the Webmaster for the Miami Valley Dance Council and Sharry is Historian for the Council and Michael Soloman Support Committee Treasurer. Steve and Sharry are the State Corp Representatives for the Miami Valley Dance Council. They help during Spring Cleanup Day and cook a delicious lunch for the cleaning crew. They have taken care of the Flower Bed in front of the Pavilion for several years.

During the 2000 State Convention in Columbus, they both participated in the Publicity Show and help with the Publicity Table. State Convention in Dayton, 2001. A Dance Odyssey, Steve and Sharry were the Chairpersons for the Fundraising committee, thinking of ways to make money, traveling and advertising, doing skits to entice people to come to Dayton. With all their efforts, they were able to raise $8,000 .00 in profit for the convention. Steve and Sharry are the General Chairs of the 2006 Dayton Convention, Dancn’ Wright in the Birthplace of Flight -Dayton. 2006. Steve is Webmaster and Sharry has done the Graphic, both are promoting the convention and looking forward to making this convention a great success

Steve and Sharry not only attend their club dances and classes, go to raid and retrievals they also dance at other clubs in the area most weeks. They have both earned the State and Council Friendship Badges. They like to go dancing when and wherever there is a dance just to be dancing, having fun and meeting people. They hope to be dancing and supporting Square Dancing for many years to come. Steve and Sharry Hayden are Gem City Squares Honor Couple and The Miami Valley Dance Council ‘ s Honor Couple for 2006.

Louis and Nancy Hyll are truly pioneers of recreational dance in Dayton, Ohio. They began dancing traditional squares in the late 40’s/early 50’s. As square dancing evolved into early western-style and on to club western-style the Hylls grew with it. Through the years the Hylls also explored related dance forms – folk, round, contra, historical, clogging, and line dancing.

Lou Hyll began square dancing in 1948 as a young adult, active in YMCA community square dances. Here he began his avocation as a square dance caller, learning to call as a substitute for the regular caller. In 1954 he met his future bride, Nancy, in the YMCA Chorus, and they began dancing together. In 1957, Lou and Nancy married. Lou continued to call, with his young family in tow. In the late 60’s the Hylls began specializing in square dances for non-dancers. In the 70’s, the Hylls expanded their dancing and leadership into the related forms of folk, contra, line, and historical dance.

Perhaps the Hyll’s greatest contribution to recreational dance has been the introduction of thousands of non-dancers to recreational dance. They have presented hundreds of one-time beginner programs in square, folk, contra, historical, and line dancing to any kind of group imaginable. Additionally, many fledgling dance leaders have been helped by the Hylls with encouragement, advice, support, and materials.

But the Hylls have not been just dance leaders. They have also been hard working committee members in clubs, doing typing, sewing, organizing workshops with other leaders, participating in demonstrations, providing refreshments, etc. In their 57 years of dancing, the Hylls have been members of 23 Dayton area dance clubs. Their longest association is over 30 years with the Miami Valley Folk Dancers.

Lou first became involved with the Miami Valley Folk Dancers (MVFD) in 1953. In 1971, the entire Hyll family (Lou, Nancy, and two daughters) began dancing with MVFD on a regular basis. It wasn’t long before the Hylls became active, valued members of the club. Through the years, as unpaid volunteers, the Hylls have been Program Committee members, Equipment Committee Chair, Workshop Chair, Publicity Chair, Representative to the Miami Valley Dance Council, and Representative to the Pavilion Support Committee. They have provided refreshments, planned and led Ethnic Sunday programs, and planned and led Thursday evening programs. Nancy has typed many syllabi for weekend workshops and written articles for the MVDC Dance News. As unpaid volunteers, they have taught and reviewed many dances for the club. They have helped MVFD promote folk dance through their participation in numerous demonstrations and festivals.

Today, although no longer able to call and with limited ability to dance due to health, the Hylls still actively support the dance community with visits; handmade items for auctions and door prizes; technical advice, costumes, and support for demos; and financial support to clubs and events. They sincerely want the dance community to thrive and continue.

For 57 years as pioneers and ever-stalwart supporters of recreational dance in Dayton, the Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to name Louis and Nancy Hyll as its 2005 Honor Roll Dancers.

John and Gay Chevalier learned to square dance with the Shooting Stars Square Dance Club in February 1978. Over the last 25 years they have devoted much of their free time to square and round dance related activities. They danced extensively in the Plus, Advanced, and Challenge programs; became a caller and cuer; acted as leaders in both local caller and dancer organizations; and have continued to actively dance at the clubs in the Miami Valley Dance Council. They earned their Honor Raider Badges with the Grand Squares, the Shooting Stars, and the Double H Squares. They now have more than 500 total banner raids.

They have participated in all but one of the Dayton Square Dance Conventions Publicity Shows since 1981 and are presently working on the 2006 Convention Committee. They wrote the scripts for three of the shows and narrated four shows. They were Caller Liaison for three Dayton Conventions. They made presenta-tions at four Ohio Mini-Legacy Meetings, six MVDC Leadership / Heartbeat seminars, and numerous caller association meetings. They have called or cued at all MVDC Benefit Dances since 1982.

While Miami Valley Caller Association (MVCA) Vice President, they launched the monthly Beginner Dance Series. The first dance at the Hara Ball Arena was attended by more than 400 dancers. As MVCA President(s) they organized efforts to bring Callerlab-Accredited Caller Coaches to the MVCA to improve the member calling capabilities. This initiative has made the Dayton area known for its quality callers. For more than six years they were, and are currently, the MVCA Representatives to the Dance Council.

Both actively recruit dancers and promote square and round dancing.  They support recruiting demos and have participated in all but one Day in the Park Dances. They served on two MVDC Blue Ribbon Committees and are currently on the Callerlab Recruit, Promote, Maintain (RPM) committee to determine ways to recruit and keep dancers in the activity.

John is an Accredited Member of Callerlab, and Gay is a member of Roundalab. He is a member of Callerlab’s Mainstream and Plus Committees, and the Mainstream and Plus Quarterly Selection Committees. Gay is a member of the Roundalab Phase II Round of the Quarter Committee. They have attended eight Callerlab Conventions and one Roundalab Convention.

Gay has taught seven round dance classes in association with Grand Squares and three classes with the Double H Squares. John is currently teaching his eighth beginner class for the Grand Squares. He has also taught for the Double H Squares (11 years), the Miami Valley Dance Council (2 years), the Buckeye Squares (3 years), the Cincinnati Rhythm Reelers (3 years) and one year each for the Crawford Squares, Twin Base Squares, and Xenia Hospitality Squares. While teaching for the Buckeye Squares they originated the Student Name Badge and inaugurated what is now known as the High-Low Dance. John also taught one class of Advanced dancing.

He and Gay have attended 10 National Square Dance Conventions and all but two of the Buckeye Square Dance Conventions since 1979. Gay is Club Cuer for the Miami Valley Singles, the Grand Squares, the Shooting Stars and the Super Bee Squares. John is Club Caller for the Miami Valley Singles and Tuesday Plus (with Jaye Fitch and Jason Raleigh).

John and Gay have been married 45 years and have two daughters, Linda Belding (40) of Tipp City and Denise Olekas (43) of Atlanta, Georgia. They have two grandchildren. John retired from the US Air Force in 1981 after 29 years in uniform.

Medieval angelology ranked spiritual beings in nine levels from angel to archangel through cherubim and seraphim with a few other less recognizable names in between. Since these levels do not seem to fit, it’stime to create a tenth rank for square and round dance angels. Named for the Gem City 2003 Honor Couple nominee, the tenth designation shall be “stockeraphim.” John and Elaine Stocker, in only six short years, have immersed themselves in service to the square dance community. They have participated as angels in ten square dance lesson classes with three different clubs and have been angels with three different cuers for numerous round dance lesson classes.

In addition to their angelic support, the Stockers have served the clubs in many other capacities. They consistently help with greeting and decorating duties. They work in the kitchen , sweep floors, and take out the trash . In other words if tasks need doing, the Stockers appear. This couple has also participated in many leadership roles . They have held the offices of president, vice president, and secretary and have also chaired the Constitution and Bylaws Committee for Gem City Squares. As president, when no club member would accept the duty of Raid Chair, they stepped in and handled raids as an extra duty.

For the Miami Valley Dance Council John and Elaine have been trustees, chaired the Honor Couple Forms Review Committee and the Nominating Committee. They have actively supported the convention efforts by being part of the publicity show for the 2001 convention. As part of the 2001 convention Fund-raising Committee, they helped to plan and execute the activities which allowed the convention to earn $8,000.00 profit. For the 2006 Dayton convention they have already accepted the role of Assistant Chair. For two years they represented Gem City on the Michael Solomon Support Committee and even though they no are longer officially on that committee, they continue to clean, repair, and repaint the building, donating both their time and materials. They frequently commit such “random acts of kindness.”

Even with all of the volunteer time that John and Elaine contribute, they still dance three to five nights a week. They have danced at nursing homes, on the parade float, at festivals, fairs, benefits, specials, weekends, eleven state conventions and one national convention. They have whirled and twirled in nine states but most of all they support the raids and dances of their home clubs.

During the last six years John and Elaine have given their energy, time, and talent to the square and round dance community. Because of their dedication to promoting dance activities through publicity, fund-raising , leadership, and nurturing fledgling dancers, Gem City Squares nominate John and Elaine Stocker as most deserving candidates for the Miami Valley Dance Council 2003 Honor Couple. In the club’s opinion they are a “10.”

From his earliest exposure, Stuart became a square dance enthusiast. In 1985 Stuart, depressed and mopey, reluctantly attended a church square dance party while visiting with his parents. The strategy worked and Stuart returned to Columbus with renewed energy to take square dance lessons two nights a week. After completing lessons, Stuart joined four Columbus area clubs: Westerville Promenaders, Bucks and Does, Little Brown Jugs, and Johnny Appleseed Squares. He danced four and five nights a week.

Hailing from the hills of Virginia, Fay square danced as a child and had fond memories of the activity . When her life reached a point of revolving around nothing but work and sorority, she felt a need for more aerobic activity and learned about the square dance community through a friend . She investigated and started lessons with Kittyhawks and Twin Base. At Twin Base she met a group of supportive dancers and became actively involved in the formation of Gem City Squares.

On April 13, 1986, Stuart and Fay met across the square at a Miami Valley Callers Association Student Dance at the Bomberger Recreation Center. Since then, they have been angels for the lesson classes and have danced at student dances to help new dancers.

Both Stuart and Fay have held leadership roles at both club level and council level. Stuart has served in the office of president and treasurer for Gem City and Fay has served as president, secretary, special events chair, and raid chair. As dance leaders, the Council Bylaws prevent either Stuart or Fay from holding any elected positions. However, they both serve in other ways . Stuart has served as Newsletter Editor and as a member of the Support Committee. Fay has chaired the 1995 Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee and served as a member of the 2001 committee. They have both served as Council reps for various clubs.

Since they began dancing, Stuart and Fay have attended all national conventions except two and they have attended all state conventions. This couple also has been active with Buckeye Round Council where Stuart served as secretary for two years and with Roundalab where they have served for several years on the Phase II and Phase III Round of the Quarter Committees. For the last five years Stuart has also been parliamentarian for Roundalab.

Over the years this couple has donated hundreds of hours to dancing in parades, demos, and nursing homes both to entertain and to share their love of the activity with prospective new dancers. While teaching others, they continue to improve their own round dance skills by dancing weekly with the National Carousels Club and attending round dance weekends and workshops .

Since this couple actively displays their belief that helping new dancers and supporting dancers without partners will build a stronger dance community, Gem City Squares strongly recommends Stuart Lewis and Fay Samborsky as the 2002 Honor Couple.

Generously donating their time and organizing skills, Deborah and Ken Roberts have been actively involved in dance activities for many years. Ken began dancing more than 30 years ago. Twenty years ago he moved to Dayton and joined the Super Bees where he was an angel to beginning dancers for five years. He also served as treasurer, vice president and president for the club and was treasurer for the Miami Valley Dance Council. At various times he has been a member of Go Gos, Twin Base Squares, Clinton County Squares and Date’n 8’s. Deborah began lesson classes under Ken’s instruction in 1986 and quickly became involved in leadership activities serving as secretary, vice president and president of Gem City Squares.

Ken continued his leadership role in dancing even after he started calling. In the Miami Valley Callers Association Ken has held the offices of treasurer, vice president, and president and for the Midwest Callers Association he has been the treasurer. Ken is a member of Callerlab and attends their yearly convention whenever he can. Even as a busy club caller, Ken continued to contribute his time serving as president of Gem City for two years when no other member would step forward to handle the task. For Date’n 8’s he is currently the club caller and the president.

From the inspired creativity of the 2000 Publicity Show to the patient, gentle instruction of beginning dancers, Ken and Deborah have provided skilled leadership to the square dance community. Working as a team Deborah and her committee wrote the script for the convention show but Ken engineered the special effects. Deborah pulled together a talented group of individuals and formed a smooth-functioning team but Ken provided the electronic and technical knowledge to bring the show to life. The show was such a crowd-pleaser that it generated comments like, “How much did you pay to have the script written?” and “I’m going to the Dayton convention because I really enjoyed the publicity show.”

Successfully coordinating such a huge undertaking was only one aspect of this couple’s leadership skills. In addition to council sponsored demos, they entertained several times each year at the Masonic Home in Springfield or in other nursing homes. Ken has frequently supported struggling lesson classes by accepting minimum or no fees for instruction and he has been known to return his dance fee when a struggling club couldn’t meet its expenses. Deborah and Ken opened their home to dancers. For several years after the dancing at Polen Farm, they invited all of the participating dancers to their home for a picnic to say thanks for loyal support. In the same generous spirit Ken has given a free Christmas dance to Gem City Squares every year since 1986 when the club formed.

First and foremost Deborah and Ken have been friendly, welcoming, gracious ambassadors for square dancing. Their caring and out-going personalities and enthusiasm for dancing have attracted new students to lesson classes and new members to Gem City Squares. Ken and Deborah Roberts have been valuable assets to the square dance community and have elevated the meaning of the phrase “service to others” to a higher plane. Ken will continue to support the square dance activity through his efforts as a dancer, leader and active committee member and worker. While we will miss Deborah’s physical presence, she will continue to support square dancing through the inspiration she has instilled in the members of the dance community.

The Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to announce their selection as Honor Couple for 2001.

Tom and Barb Dieterle have been dancing with the Super “B’s” for 14 years. During that time they have served the club as President of the club 1988-89, 91, 95, 98, 99, 2000. In 1989 and 1997, they were serving as vice-president and upon resignation of the president, became president. The Dieterle’s belong only to Super “B’s”. During these years, they served as representative to the MVDC.

This busy couple have “angeled” every lesson class since graduation in 1986. In addition to their services as club officers, they have served as Kitchen Chair for 3 years, Club Advisors for 3 years and Raid Chairs for 3 years. They have earned 340 banner raids.

Tom and Barb have also served the MVDC as Trustees for 2 years, Membership Chairs for 3 years and Ohio State Corp representatives for 4 years. They have chaired Council demos such as Mountain Days. For the State Corp they have handled the “Table of Ideas” at State Conventions. They have served as State Friendship Badge Chairs and State Corp Membership Chairs.

Since graduation, Tom and Barb have attended 12 Ohio State Conventions and served on the Sewing Committee at all Dayton Conventions. They have served as Assistant Sewing Chair in 1995 and are currently Sewing Chairs for the 2001 Convention. They have attended 2 National Conventions.

The Dieterle’s have participated in many demos such as, Dayton World A’Fair, parades, benefit dances, club workshops, Fourth of July parade, and “Summer Plus” workshops for the Council for 3 years. They built the Circus Wagons and house which were used in two state conventions.

Tom and Barb became active members of their club upon graduating from lesson class. The club was in urgent need of active leaders and workers with new ideas and energy. They volunteered in any capacity necessary to help the club. The year after graduation, Barb designed and made costumes for all club members to wear to the State Convention. For years they chaired the annual “Clean-Up of the Dance Hall”. This entailed painting, laying carpet, putting plexiglass on the windows, scrubbing and sanding floors, or whatever the most urgent needs were.

Tom and Barb Dieterle’s willingness to work, their leadership talents and sunny dispositions have been the fiber that has held the Super “B’ s” together through many years.

The Miami Valley Dance Council is proud to announce their selection as Honor Couple for 2000.

Don and Margaret met at a square dance in 1991 when Margaret was in lesson class. Don angled her through the classes and they married in September of that year. Don is a retired Archway Cookie District salesman and as an entrepreneur maintains a food product sales route and is also an independent salesman for a local pencil manufacturing company. Margaret is a real estate broker for the McEwen Referral Realty, Inc. of Centerville. They belong to Country Cousins and KittyHawks square dance clubs. Don previously belonged to Washington Squares from 1984-1990; Honey Bees from 1987-1990 and Unicorns 1990.

When Don and Margaret took over the Presidency of the Country Cousins in 1994, the club was on the verge of disbanding due to lack of membership and funds. Under their leadership and personal efforts, the membership not only expanded, but the club became financially sound. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the club was active, friendly and involved with and in The Miami Valley Dance Council activities. Because of their dedication, the Country Cousins is now one of the most active in the area.

Since Don and Margaret became Banner Raid Chairs, participation in club raids has increased. They take time to personally contact members to attend the raids, arrange for car-pooling and dining before/after raids. They have had over 215 raids. They also have attended 44 demos.

Don and Margaret tend to all those extras that others take for granted, such as, setup/cleanup committees, special functions, and all other activities that need to be done in order to make the club efficient.

Don and Margaret have been President of Country Cousins 1994-1996. Banner Raid Chairs 1997-1999. They have chaired Demos 1994-1998. They were Chairs of Special Events and Telephone Committee 1993-1998. Lesson Class and Dance Hall Chairs 1993-1997. In addition, they have been in charge of mystery trips and club greeters. Don and Margaret have been club representatives to the MVDC 1994-1999 and are currently serving as Council Trustees for 1998-1999. They have supported Ohio Conventions since becoming involved in square dancing.

Many close bonds of friendship have developed within the membership of Country Cousins thanks to their efforts. These friendships extend well beyond the square dance activity. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that the Country Cousins nominate Don and Margaret Cobbs for Honor Couple of 1999.

In recognition of their many continuous contributions to the square dance activity, Don and Margaret Cobbs are the Miami Valley Dance Council’s 1999 Honor Couple.

Dick and Sandy Lang are charter members of the Lake Choctaw Twirlers. They have been dancing for 25 years. During that time they have served the club as Treasurer for two years, vice-president three years and president five years. They also served one year as banner raid chairmen. During these years they have been representatives to the Miami Valley Dance Council and the Central Ohio Council.

Dick and Sandy have held past membership in West Jefferson Whirlers and Springfield Travelers.

This busy couple has served the Miami Valley Dance Council as vice-president and president and president of the Central Ohio Council and as represf’ntative to the State Corp for the Central Ohio Council.

Dick and Sandy served the State Corp as corresponding secretary for two years, vice-president two years and president for two years. They have attended 22 Ohio State Conventions and four national conventions.

Other activities for Dick and Sandy have been Chairmen for the 1978 Ohio Convention in 1978, Co-Chairmen in 1985 and Advisor in 1989 for the Central area. For the Miami Valley Council they were Vendor Chairmen in 1984 and 1988, and General Chairmen for the Ohio Convention in Dayton in 1995. They also represented the MVDC as Vendor Co-Chair for the 1992 National Convention in Cincinnati. They acted as General Advisor for State Conventions for the State Corp. As past president of the State Corp, they are lifetime voting members. Helped Jo and Paul Bonnel in the Hospitality Room at conventions when they were chairmen.

Dick and Sandy go on many banner raids and should reach 200 this year. They have participated in many demos and parades, promoting square dancing whenever possible. And are angels at their club lesson classes.

The Miami Valley Dance Council proudly announce their selection of the Langs as their Honor Couple for 1998.

Bob and Jean are actively involved square and round dancers. They have been members of Washington 2 x 4’s, KittyHawk Squares, and Twin Base Squares and were instrumental in the founding and the continued success of the Gem City Squares. Since Gem City’s first lesson class in 1985, they have faithfully attended Monday night lessons as angels, missing only for illness or out-of-town business commitments. They have purchased items for and chaired our annual fund raiser. They provide and store decorations for our special dances. They have loyally volunteered as greeters, kitchen help, clean up crew, painters, decorators, and editors of the club newsletter. They have capably served as secretary, treasurer, vice-president and president.

Throughout the years of their dancing, this couple has enthusiastically participated in conventions. For state conventions they have folded paper flowers and made costumes and props such as Toto and the hot air balloon used in the Wizard of Oz Show. They have supported both state and national conventions by making the recommended dress costumes and walking in the Parade of States at national conventions. They enjoy dancing at club, state and national conventions levels.

Bob has served the Dance Council as vice-president and worked as the publicity chair in 1996. He was elected as President of the Council for 1997 with the philosophy of bringing fun back into the Council meetings. His first meeting as presiding officer of Council is an indication of his leadership style and shows that he listens well, does not get defensive when challenged, and can laugh at his own mistakes.

This couple, Bob and Jean DeRegnaucourt, have served and will continue to serve the clubs of the Miami Valley Dance Council and we believe that they will represent well all of the Council Clubs as Honor Couple.

Proudly nominated by Gem City Squares

Herb and Marguerite were married in Spencerville, Ohio on May 1, 1948. They have three children, two sons and one daughter. They have five grandsons and two granddaughters.

They joined their first square dance club, Wagon Wheelers in December 1959 after receiving their Bachelor of Square Dancing from lesson classes. Herb held the office of treasurer for several years before the club folded. They then joined the Jolly Timers. While in this club, Herb held office in every elected office. They stayed with Jolly Timers for 8 or 9 years before joining the Lima Hicks and Chicks. Once again, Herb held office in all the elected offices. When Herb and Marguerite moved to Troy, Ohio, they joined Trojan Squares and again became very active in the club. In April 1993 Herb and Marguerite became chartered members of the newly formed Liberty Squares of Troy, Ohio.

After serving two years as Vice President of Trojan Squares, Herb was elected as State Delegate for the State Corporation, and also served as a Corresponding Secretary. In 1985, they were nominated and chosen as the Lima Council Honor Couple. In 1993 Herb was elected as Vice President of the State Corporation and served for two years. They attended their first Fall Festival in 1961 in Allen County and have returned every year. In the past twenty-five years they have participated at the Ohio State Conventions.

As members of Liberty Squares, Herb has served as our Public Relations Officer and Program Manager. Marguerite has served as Assistant Secretary /Treasurer for two years, and helped on every committee she has been asked to serve on. With their experience they have strengthened our club, and taught all of our members the true meaning of friendship . In closing, please keep Herb and Marguerite in your prayers, Marguerite is still hospitalized in Columbus, Ohio.

With all our love, Liberty Squares.

Merle’s square dance experience began with the first Dayton Square Dance Club lesson class in September 1950. He served on various committees for the club in the 1950’sand 1960’s. In 1955 he became a member of the Miami Valley Round Dance Club. He and his first wife, Charlotte, served on various committees performing many skits to promote square dancing and participated in many square dance camps and seminars across the United States.

After the passing of Charlotte in 1973, Merle and Evelyn were married in 1974. They have continued Merle’s enthusiasm for square and round dancing. To gain experience and improve their leadership abilities they have attended Ohio Mini..;Legacy and leadership conferences. Over the years, 43 for Merle and 19 for Evelyn, they have been continuously and actively involved in leading, promoting, and supporting square and round dancing at all organizational levels.

They were chairman of Miami Valley Round Dance Club for four years, treasurer for two years, and on the club council for six years. They were also club liaison officer for two state conventions. In Dayton Square Dance Club the Steiners were on the club council and were treasurer for three years. In addition to these two clubs, they are members of Date’N8’s,Dayton Whirlaways, Two by Fours, and Ohio Square Campers (23 years).

In 1981 Merle was elected president of Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC) after having served as vice president in 1980. During his term as president, Merle and Evelyn personally visited every MVDC club, promoting goodwill and providing counseling when needed. As vice president, they were in charge of the largest lesson class ever held by MVDC; and they have “angeled” at many other MVDC lesson classes. For 16 years they were council representatives from Miami Valley Round Dance Club and Dayton Square Dance Club, and they have been continuously active with the Michael Solomon support committee for many years.

The Steiners have attended all Buckeye Dance Conventions since 1973 and served as shops chairman for four of them. They have participated in all publicity shows preceding the state conventions held in Dayton. Merle has attended seventeen national conventions, and Evelyn has attended ten.

Because of their many years of continuous involvement in and support of the square dance activity, Evelyn and Merle Steiner were selected the 1994 Honor Couple for the Miami Valley Dance Council.

Mildred & Lewis White (Millie & Bud) took beginning square dance lessons from Jerry Helt in 1983. In 1986 they took plus lessons with and joined the Double H Squares. They now belong to and dance regularly with both Double H Squares and Matinee Mainstreamers.

As members of Double H Squares, Millie and Bud served two terms on the HH Board of Directors and are currently in their fourth term as banner raid and demo chairman. They have been reporters for the club newsletter for four years and “angel” new dancers on a regular basis not just when scheduled. They have been selected as the club’s honor couple for three straight years. Millie was secretary for Matinee Mainstreamers for two years and also served on the kitchen committee.

Bud and Millie are active club supporters. They have missed only two club dances since 1989 and have 206 raids with Double H Squares. During their four years as banner chairman, they have never missed a raid or retrieval.

As demo chairman, they schedule club square dance demos for such events as the Fourth of July parade and Marigold Festival in Huber Heights, the New Cart isle Heritage Day Festival and the North Dayton Days Festival. They also arrange demos for nursing homes in Huber Heights, Englewood, Centerville, Troy, Springfield, and Miamisburg. They have missed only two such demos since 1989.

Millie and Bud have eight MVDC friendship dangles, two state friendship badges, and a Century Club book with 100 different callers’signatures. They have attended two national conventions, five Ohio state conventions, and three Ohio state fairs. They danced at the Wortd Square Dance Convention in Austria in 1987.

The Whites support the Miami Valley Dance Council (MVDC) in numerous ways. Last summer they were in charge of one ofihe Council buses to AmeriFlora and sold demo dangles and year bars for Day in the Park. They have attended all but one Day in the Park demonstration, attended the last three leadership seminars, and danced on the parade float. They have been ribbon-sales chairman for two Hearing & Speech Benefit dances, as well as co-chair of the 1992 benefit. They participated in the convention publicity show in Toledo in 1990; and as members of the 1991 Buckeye Dance Convention publicity committee, they sold ribbons (lots) as they visited more than 50 square and round dance clubs all over Ohio. They are members of the MVDC ad hoc committee to improve relations within the council, and this year they were elected to a two-year term as Council trustee.

In recognition of their active support and willingness to promote the square dance activity, Millie and Bud White were selected the Miami Valley Dance Council’s 1993 Honor Couple.

Ann & Sam Ballinger, who began dancing thirty-five years ago, have been active folk, round, square, and contra dancers and have made, on a volunteer basis, exceptional contributions to the promotion of recreational dancing in the Miami Valley through administration, teaching and public relations.

For over 20 years they have been the backbone of the Miami Valley Folk Dancers (MVFD). Not only have they served as the driving force of the group but they have trained others to be leaders as well. Both have actively served as mentors to individuals wishing to promote dancing and the understanding of other cultures. They have given responsibility yet provided any necessary support in the training of others to teach and lead workshops and demonstrations. Sam has been treasurer for sixteen of the last seventeen years, and through his direction the group has been able to maintain the one-dollar-per-month dues which were initiated over 35 years ago.

Ann’s teaching contributions are unequaled. For seventeen years, she has taught or directed others to teach the beginners’ class for the group from seven until eight o’clock every Thursday evening. She also has been very active in the Girl Scout Council and has taught over 2,500 girl scouts and leaders how to dance. The impact of her dedication to teaching extends beyond MVFD, where over seventy-five percent of the members learned to dance through her efforts, to much of the Miami Valley. Former members of her classes have taught folk dancing at public schools within the Miami Valley and to students at Wright State University, University of Dayton, and Miami University. In addition to all her teaching activities, Ann has been secretary, treasurer and on the program committee (four years) of MVFD and has chaired seven weekend workshops.

The Ballingers have been responsible for the promotion of dance through public demonstrations, by supporting the Dayton International Festival and in coordinating international folk dancing for the Miami Valley Dance Council. Each year Miami Valley Folk Dancers present, under their direction, an average of eight public demonstrations at places such as West Milton, Aullwood, and Wright State University, as well as many nursing homes and retirement centers. The demonstrations include the Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville where thousands have been given their first opportunity to view recreational folk dancing. Ann has been coordinator for these performances for twelve years. Sam and Ann have played a key role in each International Festival held in Dayton. In addition to performing and leading participation dancing, they have coordinated clean up, information and ticket sale efforts. They also have been responsible for coordinating folk dancing demonstrations for the Miami Valley Dance Council at “Day in the Park” and the state square dance convention when it is held in Dayton.

In recognition of and appreciation for their dedication and outstanding, continuous contributions to the support and promotion of the various facets of the square dance activity, Ann and Sam Ballinger have been chosen the Miami Valley Dance Council’s 1992 Honor Roll Dancers.

Mona and Len Cannell stumbled into square dancing while stationed at Goose Bay, Labrador,in 1961. AyearlaterMona started calling. Under the guidance of Cal Golden, she learned enough to become the club caller after Cal left. In the next few years theCannells were deeply involved in square dancing wherever the Air Force sent them, including classes and clubs in Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Nebraska before returning to their native Ohio at Dayton in 1973.

They have organized and operated square dance programs for adult couples, young adults, families with pre-teen dancers, and senior citizens. Of necessity, Mona was always training a student caller to replace her when the inevitable orders came to move again. Innumerable state square dance conventions, including every Buckeye Dance Convention since 1973, have seen her as an active staff participant

Beginning in 1972 at Salt Lake City, Mona has called squares and contras at fifteen national square dance conventions. Reluctantly, she has given up the square dance calling at nationals because of her hectic schedule with clinics, panels, seminars, and workshops concerning square dancing as a retirement activity, contras, quadrilles, and other related subjects.

Their personal career highlights have included Mona’ s being the entire American staff for the 1982 English and American Dance Week sponsored annually by the Country Dance and Song Society at Pinewoods Camp, Massachusetts, serving as directors of contra education for the 35th National at Indianapolis in 1986, and serving as directors of contra programming for the 36th National at Houston, Texas.

Mona’s Dayton calling activities have included over ten years with RoseE. Miller Merry Mixers, with Swings ‘n Things (a transition to mainstream dance program) since 1981, and eight years as the dance master for the Kettering Historical Dancers.

The Cannells assumed the responsibility for Dayton Contra Dance Club in 1986 presenting and a recurrently a survey course in American social dance, featuring contras, quadrilles, and couple dances, at Moraine Civic Center.

Mona and Len are serving their second year as community relations committee chairman for the Miami Valley Dance Council. They initiated the Council’s food drive, formed the Ambassadors performing team in 1990, and donate their time and talents to both efforts. They have served as staff members of the last four Council leadership seminars. This year is the fIfth time they have been directors of the contra program for state conventions held in Dayton.

Mona & Len are charter members of BELT (Bringing Effective Leaders Together), the Ohio Mini-Legacy, for which Len currently serves as executive secretary. Mona is an active accredited member of CALLERLAB, chairman of CALLERLAB’s contra and traditional dance committee, and a member of the community dance program committee. Mona is also serving as a member of the Board of Governors of CONTRALAB. She and Len edit and publish Contra Conversations, a newsletter for contra and traditional dance leaders, which is distributed in Europe and North America

Mona has served two stints as secretary of the Miami Valley Callers’ Association. Though parents and grandparents, they devote much time to square dancing for both the organized club activity and potential dancers through one-nighter dances and the CALLERLAB Community Dance Program. Mona’s devotion to quality teaching is indicative of the Cannells’ desire for square dancing to be a lifetime family recreational activity.

In recognition of their many continuous contributions to the square dance activity, Mona and Len Cannell are the Miami Valley Dance Council’s 1991 Honor Couple.