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M.S. Pavilion Usage Guidelines
No group, individual, Council member, or otherwise is to use the building without properly scheduling the timeAll clubs renting the hall must have Miami Valley Dance Council insurance.
All users of the building are responsible for observing the following regulations pertaining to building use.  Failure to do so will seriously affect future use of the building.  The user must compensate the Michael Solomon Support Committee (MSSC) for all damages.  The status of a club’s Council membership could also be affected.

  1. No smoking, no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the building.
  2. NO CLEATS or HIGH HEELS are to be worn on the wooden floor.
  3. The building is to be vacated promptly at the end of the scheduled time so that it will be available for the next scheduled group. Club decorations or materials are to be removed.
  4. Tables and chairs are not to be dragged across the floor.
  5. Heavy items are to be set on the concrete to prevent damage to the wood floor. Food and drink must be served in a limited area to protect the wood floor.
  6. The individual or group that reserved the building is responsible for the repair or replacement of any item broken during use of building.
  7. Do not sit on tables.
  8. No items belonging in the building are to be removed from the building.
  9. The building must be left clean and secure.
  10. Remove all trash and put outside in the dumpster.
  11. Sponge up any spills (do not swab area) and sweep the floor including concrete area and bathrooms.
  12. Clean up kitchen. This includes sweeping floor, washing off counter area, and cleaning any spills.  DO NOT leave anything in the refrigerator.
  13. Pull all tables and chairs out and sweep area. Replace tables and chairs where they were.
  14. Close and lock all windows including those in the restrooms.
  15. Turn off lights and fans.
  16. In winter set heater thermostats at 65 degrees. In sub-zero temperatures, set at 70 degrees.
  17. Lock all doors.